Our Story

I've always believed that everything in life happens for a reason.
The journey to launching Flocons de Neige in 2019 began after my battle with a traumatic health issue.
I decided to prioritize my health and made the difficult decision to step away from my career as a Banker at a top Canadian bank, and suffered from my health condition for over two years. I was eventually able to receive health care treatment outside of Canada. I was fortunate to be surrounded by health care professionals who took such good care of me. I formed wonderful bonds with those around me during my treatment overseas. 
As I recovered, I ventured out into the city, and connected with incredible people. In October 2019, I flew back to Istanbul, and made the decision to pursue my passion for fashion, and launched my own luxury jacket e-commerce store.
Through everything that I have been though, I learned the importance of being strong, positive, and courageous. I learned how short life really is, and the importance of pursuing your passions and doing what makes you happy. 
We all have the ability to be impactful, and we must not let an obstacle stop us from shining like the true star that we really are. 
We have to remember to keep going.
Welcome to Flocons de Neige!